LISTEN           INFILTRATE           CREATE


The Hit Ninjas Path

Hit Ninjas chart their careers as songwriters along the 9-step path:


Step I:. Listen first.

Step II: Learn the rules.

Step III: Practice the rules.

Step IV: Master the rules.

Step V: Push the rules.

Step VI: Create something great.

Step VII: Reach an audience.

Step VIII: Capture the audience.

Step IX: Make the new rules.

What is a Hit Ninja?

A Hit Ninja is someone who has mastered the craft of contemporary hit songwriting. In addition to studying music theory and basic composition, and learning to play one or more instruments, a Hit Ninja knows the tricks and techniques of songwriting and production behind today's biggest hits. Ninjas infiltrate and reshape pop music from within the mainstream.

Songwriters write songs. Ninjas write hits.